Photos: Horseback from Moss Beach to Pacifica


Posted by on Thu, May 6, 2010

Bertille Legrand
Bertille Legrand
Bertille Legrand

We received this letter and photos from a reader.

A group of children and adults rode horseback for the nine miles from Moss Beach to Pacifica on Sunday May 2. The trip turned a spring day into an exiting experience that all participants will remember for a long time; if not for ever.

Beginning in Moss Beach, the party made up of adults and children from Moss Beach Ranch, rode over the ridges of Montara Mountain ending at Shamrock Ranch in Pacifica.  The riders were accompanied by Moss Beach Ranch staff.
At the trip’s end, after traveling horseback over streets, valleys, ridges and plains, looking over the ocean, some 30 people were hosted to a potluck lunch by Shamrock Ranch’s owners.  The experience was made memorable by the extraordinary profusion of wild flowers:- checker blooms, blue-eye grass, poppies, irises and views of the Pacific Ocean.

I feel that this was a unique and rare experience. If I had a child, I would like this child to have this enriching time: Riding the Bay Area backcountry in ways that are close to nature and the beauty of the Bay Area coast.  It was a special day and sadly enough, only too rare.

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Bertille Legrand

What a fantastic article, beautiful Pics!!
Makes me thankful that we live in such a beautiful area.
Someday I dream of utilizing some of the fireroads within the SFPUC watershed to do a loop like this. Although I ride a bicycle(slowly), it’s all good.