Pillar Ridge takes on Big Wave

Posted by on Mon, April 13, 2009

The website of the Pillar Ridge manufactured home community has set up an informational website about the proposed Big Wave office complex.  Pillar Ridge is the closest neighborhood to the Big Wave site.

Big Waste is an evil development project that is heavily disguised with the fig-leaf “wellness” center.
It is absolutely insane to propose an office-park development on a marsh that is adjacent to world-famous Mavericks, to double the already oversupplied office space on the coast and add 3,000 extra cars/day to the traffic. It is the wrong project for the wrong place. Only unchecked greed can motivate people to such insanity…

Laslo Vespremi

Good job on the website Pillar Ridge!  **It’s helpful to have a site with all the links posted in one place.**

The Pillar Ridge website is a great resource. Here’s an additional link that could be included there:

HMB Review Letter to Editor dated December 19, 2008 from former CUSD Board Member Ruth Palmer: Don’t lock developmentally disabled out of sight

We’ll be updating the site with new information as we get it.  Kevin, I will place your link in there today. This is an issue that directly affects Pillar Ridge residents, so it seemed appropriate to have our own forum.  PR residents have faced tough issues before, & have resolved them.

Extra KUDOS go to Lisa Ketcham, head of PR’s Homeowner’s Association, for getting the ball rolling. This includes research, compiling and putting together the data, then presenting it to me in such a way as to be placed into the website without extra preparation.

As residents, our basic questions are: What does Big Wave mean for my family and myself? How will it affect my quality of life, including water and traffic issues? How will it affect my safety, as far as access out of the area in case of emergency? 

Beyond that, how will this project affect our environment, and quality of life for our children & grandchildren?  We will be adding a Q&A page soon, when the answers to those questions are definitively known.

At public hearings much emphasis is made on the urgent needs of the group of very appealing young people, as though the proposed project, rushed through, is their only hope to live independently on the Coastside with their friends.  My comments at the hearings have always invited people to consider the affordable homes available right now in Pillar Ridge.  There’s even a lot available for a new home. 

Group homes could easily be set up here.  Resident ownership is the only requirement.  There is the drawback of this area being isolated, particularly if one doesn’t drive, but that’s no different than Big Wave would be.

We already have DD residents, some living here all their lives, supported by the same daytime services as other coastside DD people.  We have non-profit ownership and permanent space rent control.  We have a sense of community, having fought for and achieved these things ourselves.  They would be welcome here – and no waiting.

In the meantime, it is important for a careful, accurate assessment to be made on the effects of building such a large development at this location, for people to understand the scope of it while there is still time to comment and plan well for the future of the community.

Lisa Ketcham, President,
Pillar Ridge Homeowners Association