Planning Commission was not given Big Wave comments


Posted by on Mon, January 25, 2010

We just learned that San Mateo County Planning Division did not pass the over 245 Big Wave DEIR comments sent by residents to the Planning Commission.

This is a very serious omission, especially since the Planning Commission has scheduled a workshop on January 27, 8:00 am to study the Big Wave proposal. Not giving the Planning Commission the benefit of the various agencies and individuals input slants the evaluation and robs the commission an overview of the issues surrounding Big Wave; which range from zoning violations, lack of water and sewer in the DEIR, the issue of wetlands, the problems with the proximity of the airport, the traffic mess, the shady development schedule and much more.
It appears that the county planning division is playing politics by withholding this large body of studies from the Planning Commmission in hope to steamroll the project trough the DEIR.

A very serious omission that calls into question the whole DEIR process and its adherence to the CEQA guidelines.

The Big Wave project Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) is not defined well enough to provide meaningful information for environmental assessment.

The public and decision makers have not been provided adequate information regarding the project’s potential impacts and whether those impacts can be mitigated or reduced to a level of insignificance.

The DEIR is fundamentally inadequate, inconsistent and unstable. If the DEIR is not substantially revised and recirculated the County could be subject to litigation pursuant to the rules set forth in the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

243 Big Wave DEIR Comments:

DEIR Comment Attachments [64mb]: