Play Montara’s “Guess the number of Power Outages” this week.


Posted by on Mon, January 18, 2010

It’s 10:30 AM on Monday and so far, we’ve experienced two "wink out" disruptions to electricity (loss of power for a moment and then almost immediately back on.)

Given the predicted weather for this week, can you predict how many times will Montara / Moss Beach lose power? Bonus points for predicting the longest outage duration.

Going forward, I think we’ll experience 5 more outages between now and Saturday, with the longest one lasting 5 1/2 hours.

Can El Granada play, too?  We mostly have overhead power lines.  Our power went out just once today (so far), which I consider a minor miracle.

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Mon, January 18, 2010 11:54am
Dan Blick
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3 outages, 9 hours of total outage.

We had the one this morning; back on pretty quickly, so 1 outage for about 5 minutes so far.


Power just came back on for us in the hills of Montara.  Out from 11:00 AM to about 2:30 PM.  Going to be a long week.

My rule-of-thumb for El Granada power outages:  if the power is out for more than a minute or two there is near zero chance that it’ll be back on in less than 4 hours.  Also, if the power is out for more than a second or two there’s a high probability that the first rule applies.

Interestingly enough, this morning’s outage for me wasn’t long enough to do anything other than make my clock flash because it forgot what time it is.

My theory is that resetting the clocks causes the power to go out again.

My power went out at 10am, came back on at 8pm caused by a down power line at Acacia & Edison in Montara. PG&E very busy sometimes know as “Pacific Graft & Extorsion”. Need more tree trimming.

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Tue, January 19, 2010 11:52am
Barry Parr
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I saw plenty of limbs (one the size of a tree anywhere else) down, as well as one fence, on a short walk in Montara this afternoon. Also saw an AT&T truck cruising the neighborhood.