Please help find our pet turtle, near the Distillery

Posted by on Tue, June 22, 2010

Our beloved pet turtle wandered away from our house near the Distillery earlier this month.  We have done everything to try to find him - maybe you’ve seen the posters around town - including having scent dogs try to locate him.  He is very unique in that he has pink wax on his shell, so he’s quite easy to spot.  He means the world to us and we would really appreciate any help in returning him to us.  Thank you.

We walk that area every single day with our dog, so we’re keeping a sharp eye out.  Hope you find your baby!

I live near the Distillery. It’s apretty big area. Where , more specifically , should we be helping you look?  By the way, what is his/her name? and why is there pink wax on the shell?

Skipperdee wandered out of the yard and down to Seal Cove Beach. According to the pet detective and her turtle-sniffing dogs, a well-meaning person then picked him up and brought him, via car, south on Hwy 1. The scent trail ended near Young Ave. in HMB. The pink wax bandage is holding together a crack in his shell and he needs proper vet care. Thanks for keeping your eyes open.