PMAC to South Coast: “Let’s Fix This Together”


By on Tue, July 5, 2011

The July 12th meeting of the Pescadero Municipal Advisory Council (PMAC) will mark an important first for the South Coast: a PMAC meeting focused solely on the flooding that strikes every winter. This innovative approach includes a request for proposals from Greg Bonaparte, Chair of PMAC. The South Coast council is actively seeking proposals and comments from the members of the community.

“The flooding at Pescadero Creek Road is a serious problem,” says Bonaparte, “It poses a threat to the health and safety of everyone in the community. Our first priority must be to protect our citizens. The upcoming meeting is step one in developing an action plan to keep the road open this winter and every winter until the Marsh issue is resolved.”

Any resident who responds to the request will be given three uninterrupted minutes to address the council and audience. Proposals with a step-by-step process to remediate the flooding or a proposal of a course of action the council could take to get our concerns heard at the appropriate level will be given an additional three minutes. Following the allocated comment period, the assembled body of residents and councilmembers will decide by majority vote which proposals warrant additional discussion.

Everyone who requests a chance to speak will be granted time to address the group. Submittals will be accepted until July 8, 2011. To submit a proposal or comment, or for more information, contact Greg Bonaparte via email: [email protected], phone: 650-759-1576, or fax: 650-879-0512.