Pot on public lands - the questions need to change


By on Sun, August 21, 2011

Let's quit supporting illegal pot grows on public lands!

I think a different set of questions needs to be asked of the public regarding pot grows on public lands.

Those being ...

1) How do you feel about trespassers being allowed to camp anywhere they want on local public lands for the purpose of growing crops that other farmers have to grow on private land or on public land with a permit?

2) How do you feel about them being able to have & use firearms, pesticides and poisons to kill the local native wildlife who are otherwise protected on public lands, in the name of protecting their un-permitted crop?

3) How do you feel about them being able to steal water from the public or from adjacent landowners for their un-permitted crop, and the usually attendant destruction of riparian habitat, seeps, springs and so forth?

4) How do you feel about them creating a hostile and threatening environment for other public land users including hikers, bicyclists, equestrians and others?

These are (among) the questions that need to be asked.

And if these questions ARE asked, the answers will quite likely be much less tolerant of pot growers illegally using public lands.

It would also likely help if the media quit referring to these destructive plots as “gardens”, and to those who perpetuate the destruction as “farmers.”