Letter: “Racism Abhors Accountability”


By on Tue, September 17, 2013

Ed Asner explained to a Hollywood reporter that Hollywood does not voice opposition to Obama’s Syrian war because “they don’t want to feel ANTI-BLACK’. That’s probably why nothing was said over Obama’s performance in Benghazi. Asner referred to Hollywood and not the Media but so much of the Media is Hollywood. The Washington Post abandoned the race card when it referred to Obama’s epic incompetence over his performance in Syria. Here no race card was played.

Little has been said about our GDP growth or unemployment which are certainly measures of performance. Perhaps we’re still blaming Bush after four years but certainly not Obama.

One wonders whether King’s dream will ever be realized. Perhaps the difficulty is in judging character. It’s like pornography where Justice Stewart said he couldn’t define it but he knew it when he saw it. Does character or pornography for that matter lend itself to calibration? I think we will be on more solid ground judging performance rather than character.

In that way we may realize his dream as The Dream. Can we be color blind and play the race card? Is the media playing the race card by not judging the President’s performance? I say that any time we overlook performance for people of color we are guilty of racism. Racism may be positive or negative but it’s still racism and will be eliminated only when accountability is the only criteria.

(c) Al MacMorres