Restore Sharp Park to a Natural Back Barrier Lagoon System


By on Tue, December 15, 2009

On 12-16-09, there will be a meeting at the SF City Hall Rm. 263. The Board of Supervisors Government Audit & Oversight Committee will have an oportunity to hear from The SF Park & rec Dept. and us, the public, about the future of Shark Park.

This is such a once in a liftime opportunity to correct a situation that was made 77 years ago.  They had no idea what this wetland with its own lagoon meant for our coastline and our planet.

The GGNRA want to make it part of their managed properties as a national outdoor multiuse recreational park for all to use, not just the priviledged few who golf. This would be a federally funded project that our Congress has alloted funds for and is highly approved and recommended for the improvement of our environment.  This national park would stimulate Pacifica’s economy, protect our environment, have outdoor education & recreation, endangered species recovery(the Red-Legged Frog & SF Garter Snake live in Shark Park & both are endangered species) & natural flood control done through the land management of GGNRA. Plus, they want to have the only visitors center in all of San Mateo Co.  National & International visitors who come to see our coastline would be drawn to Shark Park & continue on down Highway 1.

There are only 10% Coastal Wetlands and one like ours, here in Pacifica, is even harder to find because they need a sheltered and rocky coastline to protect it.

This national park would be a fine jewel in the midst of a crowded and bulging population in our bay area.

Please watch these video links that explain in more detail:


Please come & support our environment,our planet, our future.

Get there early, before 1 PM because it will be crowded & you will need to sign up to speak to show support to restore Shark Park.