Resurfacing of Coastal Trail in Miramar


By on Sat, October 17, 2009

About 10 days ago, part of the coastal trail was resurfaced with a black tar like substance.  I’m not sure why it was done.  Yes, the old concrete surface had some cracks and had seen better days.  But the new surface looks awful.  It’s broken at the edges, has tire tracks thru it and stops at each street that dead ends into the trail.  It looks like it was a training exercise for someone who was learning how to resurface instead of a professional job.

When money is so tight and there are so many things that need doing, I have two questions:
1) Why was it done at all?
2) Why wasn’t any quality control applied to the job?

Sorry to complain but I want to find out whether I’m the only one upset by the job and, if not, whether anything can be done about it.