Rick Kowalczyk nominated Brian Ginna as his appointee on the HMB Parks & Rec Commission


By on Tue, January 19, 2010

Naomi Patridge reported that she attended a recent C-CAG meeting. During the C-CAG meeting Patridge said it was announced that a large amount of money was available to cities that had shovel ready low-income housing projects. Patridge told the C-CAG board that she was not aware of any shovel ready low-income housing projects in Half Moon Bay.

The Big Wave project planned for the Midcoast might have received stimulus funding had the project been located in The City of Half Moon Bay and if the project actually offered low income housing. Patridge is an ardent supporter of the Big Wave Project however if approved the project would not offer the Coastside any low-income housing.

Sofia Freer, Dennis Paul and Dave Buckley spoke about a new initiative to support State Parks. The ballot initiative proposal would increase the vehicle license fee by $18.00 and allocate the revenue to state parks. The surcharge would buy car owners an annual pass that would provide year round access into most state parks.

If approved the plan would create $500 million every year and save the state $200 million on the general fund budget, even though it would mean the loss of $50 million each year from day-use fees.

Buckley said he works with developers and the Sierra Club and he understands the importance of sate parks from more than one perspective. Dennis Paul said, "The needs of the legislature have led them to cutback on state parks." Freer, Paul and Buckley are collecting signatures to get a vehicle license fee for State Parks on the ballot.

Council-member Rick Kowalczyk nominated Brian Ginna for Parks and Recreation Commissioner. The HMB City Council unanimously approved Kowalczyk’s nomination. Under the Municipal Code a person nominated for a commissioner appointment "shall be appointed to the commission upon receiving a majority of votes from the entire city council."

Council-member Allan Alifano will announce a replacement for Park and Recreation Commissioner Sofia Freer and council-member John Muller will announce a replacement for Park and Recreation Commissioner Mary LaVigne-Butler at a future City Council meeting. Both Freer and LaVigne-Butler will not seek reappointment at this time.