Runoffs in District 3 Supervisor, Treasurer races

Posted by on Wed, June 9, 2010

No candidate in the District 3 Supervisor race received the necessary 50% + 1 votes required to win the election, so there will be a runoff between Don Horsley and April Vargas in November.

The race is now an uphill climb for Vargas. Horsley has a 14.4 percentage point lead on Vargas, and the other candidates in the race are closer politically to Horsley than to Vargas. At the same time, hotly contested races for Governor and Senator mean that the turnout will be larger and more diverse in the general election than in the primary.

Supervisor Candidate Votes Percentage
Don Horsley 23,980 38.6%
April Vargas 15,069 24.2%
John J. "Jack" Hickey 10,105 16.3%
Matt Grocott 8,757 14.1%
Michael G. Stogner 4,243 6.8%

The results were similar in the race for Treasurer-Tax Collector, with Deputy Treasurer-Tax Collector Sandie Arnott going into the general election with a strong lead over runner-up Dave Mandelkern.

Treasurer Candidate Votes Percentage
Sandie Arnott 23,423 38.4%
Dave Mandelkern 16,966 27.8%
Joe Galligan 15,292 25.1%
Richard Guilbault 5,268 8.6%

Anyone who voted for Dave, Joe or Richard will not vote for Sandie Arnott, but with only 22% of voters voting, we might need a crystal ball to tap into the brains of the remaining 68% of San Mateo County voters. In a reasonable world, the 68 or whatever additional percentage who decide to vote will bypass the Sandie Arnott box “graduated high school” and vote for Dave Mandelkern, “Graduated Master’s Degree Stanford”.

Contrary to public opinion, offices like county treasurer do matter because like in the case of the “155 million dollar Lehman loss”, your life in San Mateo County can be directly and adversely affected by the wrong candidate.

Over 60% of those who voted, chose an educated and accomplished candidate.  The other 38%, checked the first box they saw. Sandie Arnott has no education and no qualifications for San Mateo County Treasurer.