We need a way to cross Highway 1 safely in Moss Beach and Montara


By on Tue, December 8, 2009

On Thursday, December 3rd at 5:15pm, a 12-year-old boy was struck by a vehicle while riding his bike across Highway 1 near the Moss Beach Sheriff’s substation.

The sheriff’s office reported that the boy was conscious and breathing,  both legs were severely injured. The boy was transported to Stanford Medical Center for treatment.

The sheriff’s substation has no further information at this time. 

I hope the MCC will form a task force and work with Caltrans and the County to resolve this problem ASAP.  I don’t want any more kids severely injured or killed while crossing Highway 1.  What are we waiting for?  The situation is totally unacceptable and has been extremely dangerous for years.  Traffic is increasing on the Coastside and Caltrans and the County are doing nothing to deal with the risk to pedestrians and cyclists.