Letter: Sam Trans route changes


By on Mon, July 14, 2014

An email i sent to the CITY OF HALF MOON BAY… today..
Mon, Jul 14, 2014 5:08 pm
From P.A. [email protected] details
To msharma [email protected], lchimienti [email protected][email protected], chamilton [email protected]

Mr. Mo Sharma, C. hamilton, D Hall.

My daughter Ashley Chimienti is handicapped. She cannot drive in the state of California. She has to take the bus over the hill for CLASSES at CSM and to meet with her ARC group a few times during the week.

THE bus stops in HMB used to be convenient.

2. HWY 92 by NEW LEAF

THEN they were changed to across the street from CITY HALL (YOUR OFFICE). THIS Location has a rest room and benches and covered areas incase of indiscriminate weather. THE bus would arrive at 9:00AM and the riders could get on at 9:13 for a run direct to the COLLEGE. THIS WAS an ACCEPTABLE change. BUT now the new change to the route is UNACCEPTABLE.

I was on the phone today with a SAM TRANS representative RICH LESSER 650 508 6202. He advised me that SAM TRANS “LOST” the STOPs on KELLY AND MAIN, because the CITY OF HALF MOON BAY TOOK IT AWAY!

SAM TRANS said they were trying to get on on another side street I believe he said Miramontes. THE bus no longer goes down Hwy 92 to Hwy 1 BUT rather turns on Main street. THEN IT BYPASSES all the TOWN stops and then stops on MAIN AND POPLAR.

I could not figure out why so far away from the CONVENIENT stops till I was told by a worker for the CITY OF HALF MOON BAY on the phone today that POPLAR and MAIN was added because of the NEW SENIOR DEVELOPMENT located at that site. THERE HAVE BEEN SENIOR CITIZEN HOUSING in that location for YEARS and no request for an ADDITIONAL BUS STOP. Sounds like deals are being made with developers.

YOU NEED TO REINSTATE the stops noted as 1, 2 and 3 previously in this email.

THERE were MANY HANDICAPPED RIDERS that used to wait at those stops and you don’t realize the PANIC that you caused my daughter the day the ROUTE changed without prior notification. SHE suffers from SEIZURES and was very shaken when I FINALLY did find her.

YOU BETTER FIX this problem ASAP! OR I will be down to your office. I will give you till July 16 and if I don’t hear back I will be there.

my number is 650 726 5055 my name is PAT CHIMIENTI