San Jose developer has made offer on Pacifica Quarry

By on Tue, March 15, 2011

San Jose Developer Barry Swenson Builder has made a “contingent” offer on the Rockaway Quarry in Pacifica, reports Pacifica Patch:

San Jose-based developer Barry Swenson Builder has notified city staff that it submitted an offer to purchase the old 86-acre limestone quarry on Highway 1 near the Rockaway area of Pacifica.

“I was contacted by the Swenson group (Barry Swenson Builders) last week to advise me that they had submitted an offer on the site, not purchased, but submitted an offer,” said City Manager Stephen Rhodes. “Up until this time they asked that this be kept confidential. That’s now changed.”


City Manager Stephen Rhodes said that Barry Swenson Builder has not revealed any details about their offer other than that it is “contingent.”

The story notes that the site would be difficult develop because of regulatory restrictions on the property.