San Mateo County & CA on Tsunami ‘watch’ not ‘warning’


Posted by on Thu, March 10, 2011

Magnitude 8.4-8.9 earthquake off Japan, with a few 7.0+ aftershocks to boot.

Hawai'i on a tsunami warning for circa 6AM our time, San Francisco only on a 'watch' expected 'round 8AM here.

Lives, $100B+ damage... easy. Ouch.


NOAA’s website still has us (HMB and the rest of N. CA) under a Tsunami Warning:

According to the prediction models at it looks like HMB will see a .87 meter rise, but the tide level should be around 1-2 feet in a couple hours, so it seems like it’ll be measurable here, but not cause damage.

oh well… they shoulda left it as a “watch”, as in watch on TV from work/school/later-that-evening