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By on Tue, September 4, 2012

Blue Blanket Improv Announces our Improvisational Comedy Show
Odd Fellows Hall (526 Main Street, Half Moon Bay) 7:30 – 9:30PM September 8, 2012

“Excuse me.  We come for a blanket.”  The deep, gravelly voice came from the larger of the two men blocking the exit.  He appeared to have come straight from batting practice. The smaller, with a tell-tale bulge in his jacket pocket, did not seem happy to see us.
Noting our confused lack of response, the small house of a man continued, “Our boss is a big supporter of the neighborhood and likes to welcome all the new businesses. Based on the quality of their goods, he decides how he’d like to do business. So I need one of your blankets. A blue one.”
Marc, our director, stepped forward.

“Oh, I can see how that might be confusing, but we don’t actually sell blankets. We perform improvisational comedy. Based on suggestions from the audience, we make up funny scenes on-the-spot, with different characters, languages and genres.”

“And people pay you money for this?”

“Yes, tickets are $10 each, $5 for children under 12. And with a loyalty card, collect 3 stamps and the 4th admission is free! See, here’s a card.”

“This card is defective. It doesn’t have any stamps.”

“Ah, yes, well, since you and your friend have both now been to see us, I guess that would be two stamps.”  Stamp.  Stamp.

A low growl came from the doorway. “And, since you are about twice as large as our typical audience member…”  Stamp.

“Thank you. But we still need a sample to take back to the boss.”

“One of our games is called ‘185’. The audience suggests an occupation, like mobster, and then we tell a joke:  One hundred and eighty-five mobsters walk into a bar.  The bartender says, “I’m sorry, we don’t serve mobsters here. And the mobsters say…”
Chris, seeing where this was headed, jumped in from the side lines, yelling “Nooooooo!!!!” and everything quickly transitioned into slow motion as if Household Olympics had just started. There was a flash from the little man, and ever since that day, “Taking the bullet” in 185 has had an entirely new meaning.

Where:  Odd Fellows Hall,  526 Main Street, Half Moon Bay 94019
When:  Saturday, September 8, 2012, 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM (doors open at 7:00 PM)

Tickets are available at the door or online at