Scott Singer… we’ll miss you.


By on Sun, November 1, 2009

You lived life to the fullest.  You always stood up for what you believed and for your community.  Your music was a breath of fresh air and as a neighbor and a friend you were the tops.

You will be missed.  P.A. Chimienti…

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Sun, November 1, 2009 5:37pm
John Lynch
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I agree. Scott was one of a kind.

John lynch

Thanks for posting that, Pat.

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Sun, November 1, 2009 10:06pm
Dana Kimsey
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For those of you who did not know Scott Singer, he was an original Neighbors’ Alliance member and a staunch environmentalist.  Scott left us suddenly on Tuesday morning, October 27, from complications due to diabetes.

He was the care taker of his mom, Annette, who still lives at his home.  He has two siblings in town and a niece.

Scott was a great personal friend to me. His wit, generosity, larger-than-life self is greatly missed.  Scott was an example of how to live life with a dramatic joy of which I will always be in awe.  He was a happy man.

A memorial will take place on Sunday, November 8, details to be posted.

Dana Kimsey

Scott, you were a great friend. I am sorry you left us so soon.

I first met Scott when we were 14 or so, at summer camp.  Even then, his amazing musicality radiated from him.  One of the attributes I most admired about him, was his ability to play a song based on any thought that crossed his mind.  There will always be a special place in my heart for Scott….. Shalom.

Scott Singer’s family is having a memorial in the afternoon for Scott at his house, this Sunday, November 8, starting at noon and ending at 4:00.  There is no service for Scott as he was cremated last week.

Annette, Scott’s mom, would really appreciate those of us who loved him to stop by and talk to her.

They will provide light refreshments.


Scott was a musical phenomena who could read, improvise, compose and pull people together, as he will again this afternoon at his home where family and friends will gather. Scott was unfailingly positive and idealistic.  He jumped into life all of the way every moment, and lived 110% through the full range of emotions mirroring this in his compositions, performances and parties. And he did this even when suffering the inevitable slings and misfortunes of living fully.  He was open and honest and forthright in all of conversations from the AES to watching the sunset over the waves on the coast. Many will miss him.

Howard Lieberman

Scott had more love in him than anyone I know.  I relished every moment I spent with him.  My thoughts are with Annette…

I met Scott when he was a little kid at Camp Ramah. I was the pianist/ music director since my teens ( almost 40 years ago or so) .He was already playing piano back then and he even taught me the musical intro to the Odd Couple theme song. He had a great zest for life and took everything in ( especially music & theatre). He became like a brother to Laurie Rimland who later become my first wife. When I heard about Scott’s passing this last Thursday, I emailed Laurie to let her know about Scott.

It feels like yesterday that he was playing & singing Billy Joel at Laurie’s apartment in Sherman Oaks. I can’t believe that was about 30 years ago. He looked quite a bit different than when I first met him at camp some years back. Back then he was a little kid. but later he grew to be a giant and reminded me of Tom Jones ( the singer).

I haven’t seen or talked to Scott for many years, but he always had so much energy, talent and a big smile. I am saddened to hear of his passing and will really miss him. My thoughts are with the family both here ( in L.A.) and everywhere else.

David Kamenir