Senator Jerry Hill appointed to California Coastal Conservancy

Press release

By on Tue, February 25, 2014

Senator Jerry Hill, who represents the Coastside, has been appointed to the California Coastal Conservancy.

Hill is now one of three senators and three assemblymembers who provide legislative oversight to the Conservancy and participate in its activities. The California Legislature created the Conservancy in 1976 to work as an intermediary between local governments, citizens and the private sector to improve, protect and enhance coastal resources of the state, from Oregon to Mexico.

The Conservancy serves as a repository for coastal lands. Under the state Public Resources Code, the Conservancy is required to preserve lands in concert with the California Coastal Act. Preservation efforts by the Conservancy can also go forward under certified local coastal programs and under the San Francisco Bay Plan, as implemented by the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission.