Shelldance Festival, Saturday in Pacifica

Posted by on Tue, August 25, 2009


Emcees: David Madgalene and Christopher Luna

3pm - Leah Lubin, Terry Adams, Natascha Bruckner, Andrew Mayer
4pm - Camincha, Nancy Dougherty, Mark Eckert, Mary Hower
5pm - Jum Marks, Erica Goss, Jennifer Barone, Eileen Elliot
6pm - Christopher Luna, Toni Partington
7pm - David Madgalene & Judy Irwin
7:20pm - Terri Carrion
7:40pm - Rockpile Preamble 2, The Rabbles with David Meltzer, Michael Rothenberg & Terri Carrion

Art! by Leah Lubin, Anna Teeples & Uma Rani Iyli
Music! by Steve Shain
Artsy AND fun!

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