Shely Pack Dancers win three state titles


By on Wed, November 9, 2011

Lexi Viernes
From (L) Matlynn Henry, Jasmine Franklin, Miss Shely, Miss Grace, and Gabrielle Pariseau.

Three students of Shely Pack Dancers won state honors last weekend by practically sweeping the annual Dance Masters of California dance competition in Santa Clara assuring their entry into the Dance Masters of America’s Annual Convention and Competition in Anaheim this upcoming July.

Jasmine Franklin won the title of Petite Miss Dance of California; Gabrielle Pariseau won the Teen Miss Dance of California title; and Matlynn Henry garnered the title of Miss Dance of California!

Dance Masters of America has been in existence in one form or another since 1884, when the American National Association Masters of Dancing was founded in Boston, MA. and in 1894, the International Masters of Dancing held its first convention in St. Louis, MO.   In 1926 the two groups were combined and became the Dancing Masters of America (which was later changed to Dance Masters of America in 1948). This prestigious group brings thousand of young dance students together every year to compete in their annual competition. The Shely Pack Dancers proudly lists as their accomplishments a Miss Dance of America 2000; Mr. Dance of America 2003; Teen Mr Dance of America 2001 & 2006, and Jr. Mr. Dance of America 2009.