Sheriff’s report, Aug 18

By on Wed, August 18, 2010


No auto break-ins were reported last week. Someone in El Granada took $94,000 for a house and motor home that were never delivered—it turns out they’re on probation for forgery and theft by deception in Utah. There also were two cases each of public intoxication and DUI, as well as the warrant arrest of a woman living in a storage unit in Princeton.

Warrant Arrest
08/12/10 @ 0713 hours
100 block of California Ave, Princeton
While responding to an alarm call Deputies contacted two subjects sleeping in a rented storage unit. Deputies ran a routine check through county communications and found that one of the subjects had an outstanding warrant. She was arrested and taken to county jail.

08/12/10 @ 1447 hours
300 block of Avenue Granada, El Granada
Between 06/15/2010 to 08/20/2010, the victim wrote six checks to the suspect for a foreclosed home and motor home.  The six checks totaled approximately $94,000 and were cashed by the suspect.  The victim never received the title for the foreclosed home or motor home or any documentation regarding the purchases. The subject fled the area and is currently on felony probation in Utah for forgery and theft by deception. Utah Probation advised that the suspect is currently on the home monitor system and has a court date later this month. 

Public Intoxication
08/12/10 @ 1554 hours
500 block of Virginia, Moss Beach
On 8-12-2010 at approximately 1554 hrs., a citizen entered the Sheriff’s North Coast substation and reported that a woman was involved in a verbal altercation with a man at Montara State Beach.  Deputies arrived in the area and did not see the subject, but observed her walking dangerously close to traffic on highway one southbound several blocks from the beach.  They made contact with her and immediately smelled the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage about her breath and body.  She seemed to be disorganized and they had to tell her several times to move away from the highway for her safety.  She needed to lean on the patrol vehicle to steady herself. Deputies asked her if she had been drinking and she denied drinking at all.  Her eyes were red and bloodshot.  She was unable to dial her cell phone after several attempts. She said that she was going to be picked up by a person at a nearby service station, however her friend had apparently driven away.  She stated she was living in a hotel, but did not know the name or address of the hotel. It was clear to the Deputies that she was unable to care for herself. She was arrested for public intoxication and transported to the county jail.

Warrant Arrest
08/12/10 @ 1712 hours
100 block of Avenue Portola, El Granada
A subject was contacted in front of a residence on Avenue Portola. During the contact a routine records check was conducted. The subject was found to have an outstanding warrant for his arrest. He was arrested and taken to county jail.

Public Intoxication
08/15/10 @ 0450 hours
500 block of Palma St, El Granada
Deputies responded to a report of a male subject lying on the ground in front of a residence. The male subject had no shirt on and his back and shoulders had abrasions scratch marks on them. He refused medical treatment. He smelled of an alcoholic beverage, the front of his pants were wet and smelled of urine, his eyes were red and watery, his speech was slurred and he was unsteady of his feet. Deputies asked how much he had to drink. He replied that he drank an entire bottle of Jack Daniels and was dropped off at the address by friends. Because he was too intoxicated to care for himself he was arrested and taken to county jail.

08/15/10 @ 2220 hours
Cabrillo Hwy / Lancaster, Moss Beach
Deputies observed a vehicle that was not able to keep a straight driving pattern within its designated lane of the highway. Deputies made a traffic stop and approached the driver. They could immediately smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his person. He admitted to consuming six beers within the past few hours. Field sobriety tests were conducted and failed. He was arrested and transported to county jail.

08/16/10 @ 2205 hours
Cabrillo Hwy / Pomponio Beach
Deputies made a traffic stop on a vehicle that was driving too slow and having trouble staying within the designated lines of the road. They contacted the driver and asked if he had been drinking before driving, He mumbled “I’m drunk.” Field sobriety tests were conducted and failed. The driver was arrested and taken to county jail.