Sheriff’s report: Nov 6

By on Wed, November 10, 2010

sheriff's badge

A car stolen in Fremont shows up in Princeton, a cell phone is stolen from a store counter in Princeton, 2 DUI’s and drugs in a car, a warrant arrest, and an auto burglary in Princeton.

Stolen Vehicle Recovered
11/02/10 @ 2118 hours
100 block of West Point, Princeton
Deputies were dispatched to an “on-star” stolen vehicle activation on the 100 block of West Point Avenue, in the Unincorporated Town of Princeton.  While in route dispatch confirmed the vehicle was stolen out of the city of Fremont.  Upon arrival two subjects were taken into custody and later released to the Fremont Police Department.  The vehicle was released to the registered owner and removed from the stolen vehicle system.

Theft Report
11/03/10 @ 0944 hours
Johnson Pier, Princeton
Deputies took a report of a stolen cell phone. The victim reported that she left her phone on the counter of the business then walked to the rear of the building. When she returned the phone was gone. There were a few customers in the store at the time. She suspected that one of them may have taken it.

11/03/10 @ 2200 hours
Hwy 1 @ Medio Ave
Deputies made a traffic stop after observing a vehicle weaving over the designated lines on the highway. They contacted the driver and found that he was driving under the influence of an alcoholic beverage. The driver was arrested and taken to the county jail.

Auto Burglary
11/04/10 @ 1105 hours
Quarry Park Road, El Granada
Unknown suspects broke the passenger side window of a vehicle that was parked and locked in the parking lot of Quarry Park in El Granada. The suspects took approximately $300 in cash and $15,000 in jewelry and electronics.

11/04/10 @ 2334 hours
Cabrillo Hwy / Pescadero Creek Road, Pescadero
On 11-04-2010, a driver was stopped for speeding and found to be driving on a suspended license. The driver was placed under arrest. During an inventory search of the vehicle prior to towing it, two jars and a Ziploc bag were found with Marijuana inside, and three clumps of concentrated cannabis (Hashish) were found in the vehicle. The driver was arrested and booked without incident.

Warrant Arrest
11/05/10 @ 1150 hours
100 block of Avenue Granada, El Granada
Deputies made a traffic stop and found the driver to have an outstanding warrant for his arrest. The warrant was confirmed and the subject was arrested and taken to the county jail.

11/05/10 @ 2148 hours
Surfers Beach
Deputies were investigating a suspicious vehicle. While they were at the location they could smell the odor of burned rubber and clutch coming from a vehicle near by. They contacted the driver of that vehicle and found that the driver had driven his vehicle into a drainage ditch and was attempting to back it out. The driver could not tell the Deputies how he ended up in the ditch. The Deputies could smell the odor of alcohol coming from the driver. Field Sobriety tests were conducted and failed. The driver was arrested and taken to the county jail.

Auto Burglary
11/06/10 @ 1900 hours
100 block of West Point Ave, Princeton
Unknown suspects shattered the passenger door window of the victim’s vehicle with an unknown object and stole cash, an i-pod, credit cards, purse, checks and various other items.