Current HMB City Council’s slate sweeps the field


By on Tue, November 3, 2009

11:00pm Update: With 8 of 8 precincts reporting,

Half Moon Bay: Naomi Patridge, Allan Alifano, and Rick Kowalcyk lead the field, with a 70 vote gap between number three Kowalcyk and number four Deborah Ruddock. Click for County election results.

Votes Pct
Naomi Patridge 1,151 18.4%
Allan Alifano 974 15.6%
Rick Kowalczyk 854 13.7%
Deborah Ruddock 784 12.5%
Dan Handler 775 12.4%
Sofia M. Freer 729 11.7%
George Muteff 665 10.6%
Charles T. Hoelzel 320 5.1%

Meanwhile, in Granada Sanitary District, number three Leonard Woren is ahead of challenger Lisa McCaffrey.

10:30pm UPDATE—With 5 of 8 precincts reporting, Rick Kowalcyk has solidified his lead over Ruddock and Handler. Patridge and Alifano continue to lead the field.

In Granada Sanitary District, with 5 of 8 precincts reporting, Lohman and Erickson are leading. For the third set, McCaffrey is leading Woren by three votes.

10:00 pm UPDATE—No additional Coastside precincts have been reported by the county, although returns are coming in from Bayside elections.

As of 9:30, despite expectations, the county is reporting results only for absentee ballots, with precincts yet to be reported.

Half Moon Bay: Naomi Patridge and Allan Alifano have a strong lead, but the next four candidates (Kowalcyk, Handler, and Ruddock) are separated by a handful of votes, with Kowalcyk narrowly in the lead.

Granada Sanitary District: Incumbents Ric Lohman and Gael Erickson have strong leads, and challeger Lisa McCaffrey has a narrow 28 point lead over incumbent Leonard Woren

Coastside Fire Protection District: Challenger Gary Riddel has a strong lead, followed by incumbents McShane, Burke, and Cockrell, with challenger David Eufusia close behind.

Coastside County Water District: incumbent Chris Mickelsen has a strong lead, followed by challengers Jerry Donovan and newcomer "Jay" Johnson.