Special Mothers Day Weekend Comedy Show


By on Mon, May 7, 2012

Blue Blanket Improv Announces Show for May 12, 2012

Mother’s Day, May 13, is coming up fast. In preparation, Blue Blanket Improv presents the Mother’s Day Gift Guide:

1.  “The Spa Experience in the Comfort of Your Own Home”—$1.99, “Palmolive:  It softens hands while you do the dishes!”

2.  “The Gym Experience in the Comfort of Your Own Home”—$5.95, “Richard Simmons, Sweatin’ to the Oldies, Vol. 5” (Available on eBay)

3.  “Diamond Jewelry for the Crafty Mom with Time on Her Hands”—$9.97, “The carbon from this 15.7-pound bag of Kingsford Charcoal will produce a 0.25 carat diamond under sufficient pressure in a few hundred centuries. Moms capable of exerting extreme pressure (Hello, Tiger Moms) can make the transformation in just minutes.”

We suggest that you present these options to that special Mom in your life, and just before the shock to her system goes critical, you jump in with a “JUST KIDDING! We got you tickets for Blue Blanket Improv tonight!” Ah, good times, good times.

Our short-form, improvisational comedy will have Mom back on her pins and laughing in no time, and she’ll marvel at how the BBI players actually do what she asks when she makes a suggestion. (Ahem, kids!)

In addition to entertainment, the Odd Fellows have your back when it comes to food: snacks and drinks are available for purchase before the show and during intermission.

So type on over to http://www.blueblanketimprov.com/, get your tickets early, and then come to the Odd Fellows Hall on Main Street in Half Moon Bay.

Where:  Odd Fellows Hall,  526 Main Street, Half Moon Bay 94019
When:  Saturday, May 12, 2012, 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM (doors open at 7:00 PM)

Tickets are available at the door or online at www.blueblanketimprov.com.

Adults $10
Children $5

All profits go to the Blue Blanket Improv Scholarship Fund in support of youth in the performing arts on the Coastside.