Speier’s health care town hall at Farallone View Elementary, Sunday


By on Fri, August 21, 2009

UPDATE: If you want to get in, you may need to show up early. We’re told that right-wing radio station KSFO is telling anti-reform protesters to get there at 9:30.

Congresswoman Jackie Speier is moving her August 23 Coastside event to a larger venue: Farallone View Elementary School in Montara. The time remains the same:  Sunday, August 23 at 11:00 am.

The Congresswoman’s office writes: "This event is for residents of the 12th Congressional District.  Attendees from other areas will be admitted if space allows."

"More than 12,000 people joined in on our telephone town hall on Tuesday and I am not surprised," Speier said in a press release.  "Unfortunately, a number of my constituents who tried to call in were blocked because the system was over-loaded by people from outside the district - even outside California - who were given the number by national websites and bloggers."

The original event was intended to cover a wide array of issues.  It was to be held at the Cypress Meadows Conference Center - which holds less than 150 - and included a tour of the nearby Fitzgerald Marine Preserve.  That event will be rescheduled at a later date.