“Spring Ahead” highlights Coastside food, agriculture, and gardening

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By on Tue, February 9, 2010

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“Spring Ahead”  will be an “only on the Coastside”  event to benefit The HEAL Project, Sonrisas Community Dental Clinic and the Coastside Farmers’ Markets".

Spring Ahead will showcase truly Local fare prepared in the Slow Food style by Joy Portelli of Event Savvy, and feature produce from many Coastside growers including Jacobs’ Farm, Harley Farms, Giusti Farms, Daylight Farms Farm & Ben’ Eggs.

“Spring Ahead”  Wendesday, February 24, 2010 – 6-8 PM , Cypress Meadows in Moss Beach at 343 Cypress Avenue, Moss Beach - adjacent to Cypress Flower Farm.  

Admission is 20.00 in advance, 25.00 at the door.  Space is limited, so reserve early by visiting www.thehealproject.org/ 

Several Coastside experts in sustainable landscaping will be on hand to discuss the new laws that affect renovations and new landscaping projects, and to present fresh ideas about how to convert water and chemical dependant areas into sustainable gardens that include native, edible and drought tolerant planting strategiesA cooking demonstration with the founder of the Half Moon Bay and Pacifica Farmers’ Market, live music and dance performances will add to the lively spirit of the evening. 

Presenting local experts include: 

  • Ruth Brown, Landscape Architect (Half Moon Bay)  will offer design advice focusing on creative ways to convert water and chemical dependent lawns to sustainable garden spaces.
  • Carla Lazzarini , Landscape Designer, HMB Review’s “Down to Earth” columnist, rosarian and member of the Slow Food Nation vegetable garden team will demonstrate how to convert containers & small gardens into lush, productive Food-scapes.
  • George Vaughan, Chief Nursery Specialist for Golden Gate Park  (Montara) is uniquely qualified to discuss and define the varied micro-climates of the Coastal Bay Area and help you make the best choices for your home.

In addition to a the short talks and presentations, during the evening guests can speak with several Coastsiders who are working actively in sustainable practices in ways that are not always obvious.   La Honda resident Randy Bennet, a member of the Rare Fruit Growers Association, will present a mini apple tasting of some heirloom and rare apples – many of which grow quite well in coastal gardens.   The deconstruction of a massive feedlot in the central valley provided Don Baldwin, founder of the Princeton-by-the-Sea based Pacifca Heritage Woods , with the materials to create  gorgeous planters of California ranch wood and reclaimed watering troughs.  Showcased in the Green Home Center in San Francisco, these uniquely beautiful planters are ideal for creating your own urban permaculture oasis. Predatory plants like those Josh Brown grows in Half Moon Bay can help rid your kitchens of insects without harmful pesticides, and fascinate kids of all ages. There will be several on hand to view.  

“Spring Ahead”  is hosted by Randy and Sharon Dardenelle at Cypress Meadows, a new event center that is located adjacent to their nursery, Cypress Flower Farm, in Moss Beach. The Darendenelles have donated their facility to several community based non-profits that serve the Coastside in the past several months.    

Several door prizes will be awarded during the evening, including a rare opportunity to take a guided tour of the nurseries of Golden Gate Park, in-home garden consultations with MLA Ruth Brown and Carla Lazzarini, and many examples of locally appropriate and edible plants, fruit trees and supplies to start your own vegetable gardens.