Spring brings Sweet Peas back to Montara

Posted by on Fri, April 15, 2005

Barry Parr
Sweet Peas Organic Produce is located on Highway 1 in Montara.
Cheri Parr
Everything is beautifully displayed and there are plenty of samples.
Barry Parr
Proprietor Kerry Tate shows our day's purchase.

Spring has brought Sweet Peas Organic Produce back to Montara.  Their stand re-opened for the season a few weeks ago with new signs, a park bench, a sandbox for the kids, and a renovated stand.

There’s a new owner, Kerry Tate, who bought the stand from Noreen Hacker who had it for ten years.

We stopped by last Sunday afternoon and chatted with Kerry and bought a big bag of fruit and vegetables.  We got to try some delightful apples, daikon radish, blood oranges, and other produce that they were sampling. Our three-year-old loved the apples we bought, much more than the ones we’ve been getting at the supermarket. And she loved Sweet Peas’ sandbox as well.

In addition to food that tastes like food, when you shop Sweet Peas or Cunha’s market, instead of the supermarket, you get a different kind of experience.  It took me too long to realize that the phony choices that you get in a supermarket (Sixteen kinds of toothpaste! Eight kinds of Oreos!) make shopping an ordeal that requires too much time and energy.  I come out feeling tired and frayed. I feel happy and refreshed when I leave Cunha’s or Sweat Peas. And more of your money stays here on the Coastside.

Kerry says that more local produce will show up in a couple of weeks, and that a couple of weeks after that the stone fruits will begin to appear, and tomatoes are just around the corner as well.

Sweet Peas is located on Highway 1 in Montara. They’re open Thursday through Sunday from 1pm to 7pm.

I agree about the difference in the shopping experience between the large supermarkets and the independent stores such as Cuhna’s.  Some other disturbing things about Albertson’s and Safeway are the playing of loud obnoxious music and running commercials, not to mention the stupid cards you must carry to get discounts on what they want to push.
A recent article in the SF Gate http://sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/gate/archive/2005/04/15/notes041505.DTL&nl=fix
By Mark Monford is a great read.
Keep up the good work in promoting independent coastside stores such as Cuhna’s.

Jack Sutton  

Oh, my God! The Monford piece is brilliant. 

We’re awash in this overload in lots of ways and it’s really hard to understand until you step outside of it for awhile. It reminds me of when I stopped automatically salting my food for a few weeks and I began to realize how much salt was added to everything I was eating.

It wasn’t that long ago that I thought the supermarket was America’s cornucopia. But they’re giving us meaningless choices (scented bleach) while sucking all the real choices out of the community.

Safeway has an enormous bakery churning out fresh baked goods that have the taste and consistency of medium density fiberboard. Compare a baguette from Safeway with one from Moonside Bakery. Roughly the same ingredients, astonishingly different products.

We live in the fruit and vegatable garden of America, why buy imported produce from a supermarket?

My wife and I buy a lot of our produce from Sweetpeas, it’s local and we love it!!!