“Just say mow!” Stop roadside spraying


By on Wed, March 3, 2010

Already in 2010, we see evidence of weed killer sprayed (glyphosate) along roadsides of our coastal area.

It appears that our San Mateo Co. Public Works Dept. is NOT keeping their promise to stop roadside chemical spraying for weed control in the La Honda/San Gregorio Creek Watershed. An additional promise is not being observed: the County is supposed to post notifications on roads before, during and after spraying.  This has not been done, although it is a completely reasonable request.

The spray covers our roadside ditches, which flow into creeks, potentially contaminating our watershed and our health.  Our wildlife is affected by the spray when eating any of the sprayed spiders, bugs, and seeds that live in these roadsides.  Then consider that these spiders, bugs and seeds die too, just as the native plants, "weeds," and grass die.

Let our County officials know that MOWING remains the most effective weed control without the contamination of our health and waterways from chemical spraying.  Mowing also provides jobs to those who would like to work.  Spraying weed killer became a solution to road closures when humans worked the roadsides.  Please consider that perhaps a little weekday one-way traffic control is preferable to spraying chemicals in our fragile coastal watersheds.

Evidence of spraying: Along roadsides you’ll see brown, dead, wide strip of grass below the green, live grass. 

You can post "NO SPRAY" signs along your property since we do not know when or where spraying next will be done.


•  Public Works Director Jim Porter at 650-363-4100
•  (ask for his voicemail if he’s out)
•  Supervisor Rich Gordon at 363-4569. 

Let them know what you think about glyphosate and your beautiful coastal lands.  Request notification to be posted on roads before, during, and after spray application, and/or tell them to stop the spraying and:  JUST SAY MOW !