Supervisor Gordon plans to defer MCC appointments to Jan 27 meeting


Posted by on Tue, January 6, 2009

Consideration of the appointments to fill the two open positions on the Midcoast Community Council will be taken off the county Board of Supervisors agenda tonight and deferred until the board’s January 27 meeting.

The item is currently listed on the Supervisors’ consent calendar, but the plan is remove the item for consideration at a later date when the public has a sufficient notice to comment.

Supervisors Gordon and Rose Jacobs Gibson have written a memo to the board saying that members of elected boards should be ineligible to serve on municipal advisory councils because those councils’ recommendations should be based on the interests of the communities they serve, independent of other elected bodies that may have an interest in the recommendations.


It looks like Supervisor Rich Gordon is once again trying to silence the local MCC voice, perhaps to appease the pro-builder lobby, one of which is a member of the MCC.

Some may recall that one year ago, Gordon tried to abolish to the MCC, claiming that the elected body did not represent the views of citizens even though the Fall 2007 election has placed three new members on the council.

A quick refresher:

January 2008: Rich Gordon’s last attempt to silence the local MCC voice

January 2008: My letter to the HMB Review

Thankfully, Rich Gordon is termed out after this year and will be moving on to other things.


I think it is rash to accuse (as I interpret your cryptic comment) Chair Leonard Woren as being a member of the “pro-builder lobby.”

He seems to have made his views abundantly clear—he is nothing of the sort.


Kevin, I’m not aware of any members of the “pro-builder lobby” on the MCC. I think you should back up your claim.

For those of you who don’t follow Coastside politics in excruciating detail, Darin is being coy. Kevin is not referring to Leonard Woren.