Supervisors unanimously approve Big Wave permits

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Posted by on Tue, March 29, 2011

The San Mateo County Board of Supervisors approved the permits for the Big Wave development in a hearing today in a 4-0 vote.

The supervisors did not vote on the Big Wave development agreement because it has been changed from the original form approved by the Planning Commission. It will be considered by the commission and the supervisors at a later date.

Following about three hours of appeals, responses, and public comments, the board broke for lunch and reconvened to consider the proposals. After a little over an hour of questioning planning staff and county counsel, Supervisor Don Horsely moved that the board approve the permits.

Again, the influence of big bucks win out over legitimate community and environmental concerns.

Actually, what the developer has done is to again place local/county government in the position of upping the ante of enforcing the law.  Now - like Wavecrest a decade or more ago - it will become a matter for appeals to courts and to the Coastal Commission.

Wavecrest similarly used emotional issues to try to evade the law, and obtained local approvals.  With Wavecrest, it was “for the children.”  With Big Wave, it’s for the developmentally disabled.  In reality, it is for cynical land speculators.

It’s my personal opinion that the Supervisors and County Planning staff ought to be held personally liable for intentionally failing to read and uphold the law, when the costs escalate and the county taxpayers would otherwise get stuck with the bills - as Half Moon Bay’s taxpayers have.

Any remaining questions about Horsley’s willingness to recognize and protect coastal values and uphold the LCP?

This guy will roll in a second for the Gordon/Hill LCP revision that will do so much to lessen what weak coastal protections we now have. Certain to be another decade of appealing everything significant to the Coastal Commission.

An unbelievably stupid and illegal decision to approve a project that violates countless laws and regulations.  Horsely is pathetic.

With the right set of eyes you can just about see where Big Wave broke, receded back and left a butchered fresh water marsh.  I’m not talking about a Tsunami.  The far more likely outcome over the next twenty year time frame is Big Wave rattles around the CCC and Courts and gets re-scoped, the developers will claim the County granted them a right to develop four ill defined large buildings(over decades) and sue the County ala Beachwood for a taking.  By then, our current Supes will have moved on to their next political stepping stones.  The County taxpayers will be stuck holding the bag.  For the Coastside: no wellness center, no jobs, no harbor view condos for local Realtors to sell, no gentrification of Princeton, no restoration and no meaningful economic development for the Coastside. Instead a butcher fresh water marsh that cost the taxpayers of the County $40M and the developers have $40M for their next stunt.

Two videos are posted on YouTube of the Board of Supervisors discussion with staff at the meeting yesterday. 

Big Wave Project: San Mateo County Board of Supervisors Meeting

  Video 1:

  Video 2:

On the main page of the HMB Review website is a public opinion survey about the Big Wave Project.  Please cast your vote.