Midcoast geology and history, Thursday at Surfrider

By on Sat, March 14, 2009

Surfrider San Mateo Public Meeting

March 19, Thursday - 7:00 p.m.

Point Montara Light Station, Montara, CA

Keith Mangold, a Coastside resident of 24 years, will speak on ‘‘Corral De Tierra: A Tour of Coastside Geology, History and Ecology.’‘

Corral De Tierra has a long and interesting history beginning with the Portola expedition up to the present. Coastside geology precedes written history by at least 90 million years. Both history and geology play important roles in our local watersheds and the health of our oceans. This slideshow will present the past events that have lead to our current state and suggest opportunities for volunteers to make significant contributions to our future.

Directions to Montara Lighthouse:
25 miles south of San Francisco and 7 miles north of Half Moon Bay. The lighthouse is on Highway 1 near 16th Street, between the towns of Montara and Moss Beach.

Northbound on Highway 1, you are advised to continue past the lighthouse entrance (on your left), into the town of Montara, then turn around so you can enter the lighthouse driveway with a southbound right turn at the end of the guardrail.

Park in upper parking lot, alongside Highway 1, only please.