Thanks to everyone working to bring light to Big Wave


By on Sun, November 8, 2009

As a regular reader of Coastsider, I saw the recent postings, but did not pay close attention to what was actually being proposed.

However, after spending some time learning something about the project in front of the Post Office, I’m now taking a more proactive approach at learning about the project and its potential benefits and flaws.

On initial review, it appears to be a poor project on several levels. 

The size of the project leaps out as being entirely inappropriate for the Moss Beach area. Not to mention the apparent lack of water and sewer permits to service the complex.

And I find it odd that such a project should be proposed at this point in the economic cycle. Granted, in 2-3 years when the proposed project is completed, we could be in a very different climate. I would hate for something like this to be constructed and sit empty for years as the glut in real estate (especially commercial) unwinds.

So again, thanks for all who are bringing the needed information to the community.

The public comment period ends on December 22, 2009, so I encourage everyone who has concerns to learn, decide, and act.