The Coastside Film Society proudly screens “3 Idiots”


By on Thu, September 22, 2011

"3 Idiots" will get you laughing and touch your heart.

Friday, September 23, 8 p.m.
Community United Methodist Sanctuary
777 Miramontes St., Half Moon Bay (corner of Johnston Street)

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"My choice for the most uplifting, most hopeful, and a jolly entertaining ride all around with elements of everything only a Bollywood film is renowned for. One of my top films of the year!" NutShell Review

If you have never seen a Bollywood blockbuster, or if you have seen one and was put off by the general cheesiness of some films in this genre, the Coastside Film Society has a treat for you.

3 Idiots is not only a superlative comedy, it's also a great coming of age drama, morality tale, and musical all rolled into one. It is not only the highest-grossing Bollywood film ever made, many film critics have already labelled it an instant classic -- a film that is going to stand the test of time. 

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The story centers on three friends who meet while attending a prestigious engineering college in India. Indian superstar Aamir Khan plays Rancho, the charismatic leader of the trio. He’s a genius prankster who is not only the top ranked student at the school, but also the bane of school’s administration whose rigid rules he constantly mocks and challenges. He works hard to get his friends to stop worrying so much about their grades and instead to devote more energy into following their dreams (No matter what your parents say, not everyone is destined to be an engineer).

Along the way these three friends crash a few weddings, shove a funeral impossibly out of control, save a few lives, tug a few heart-strings, and solve a deep mystery. There are three musical numbers that left my kids humming for weeks. The film is set in India, so English is spoken in school, and Hindi outside. (subtitles provided).

Gaurav Malani, of the India Times calls the film “One of the most entertaining films of the decade. Director Hirani grabs your attention from scene one with an unconventional opening to the film. Thereafter every single scene written in the screenplay is not just relevant but also has a clear set objective - to be funny or deeply poignant. Which means it either makes you laugh or cry and at some superlative instances do both simultaneously…. After watching the film, you won’t mind being certified as an idiot. If you still don’t approve of the film, you are a certified cynic.”

$8.00, children & students $3.00 Rated PG 13 – for a drinking scene, college high jinks, and occasional crude words spoken in Hindi. Running time: 160 minutes.

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