The Pumpkin Fest will be broadcast live on PCT on both Oct. 13 and 14


By on Fri, October 12, 2012

 src=Can’t make it to Pumpkin Festival?  Don’t want to face the crowds?  Wanna see how your kids looked in the parade?   This year PCT, our cable access station on the coast,  is going to broadcast events from the festival  live – on tape delay – sorta.

For those of you who don’t know, our Coastside Cable access station MCTV recently merged with the Pacifica cable access station to form PCT  (Pacific Coast TV.)   PCT likes to broadcast events like Pacifica’s Fogfest live using a large crew of volunteers as camera people, directors, producers and engineers. 

Although PCT has a dedicated line going from the Ted Adcock Community Senior Center in Half Moon Bay to the PCT studio in Pacifica we were not able to run a line from the parade grounds to the Senior Center this year.  So the plan is to have PCT volunteers roving through Pumpkin Fest events both Saturday and Sunday filming the action as it happens. Those tapes will be quickly mixed and then carried to the Senior Center for transmission to Pacifica for immediate broadcast

PCT broadcasts live on Comcast cable TV channels 26 or 27 from Pescadero to Pacifica.   Or you can log onto the PCT website at www.PacificCoast.TV to watch a live stream of programming off the Internet. 

How much of delay will there be in this programming? Hard to say. This will be the first time we have tried it.  Some footage will probably show up within a hour after it is shot. My plan is to edit my Saturday footage for Sunday broadcast.   Here is a piece of my footage from last year's fest to give you an idea about what I am talking about.

Want more information?  Stop by the PCT booth at Pumpkin Fest in front of Zaballa House on main  street in Half Moon Bay during the fest or check out the website.  PCT is always looking for a few more volunteers to run cameras, and produce new programming.

See you at the Fest.