Thunderstorms, Lightning & Road-Rocks


Posted by on Tue, January 19, 2010

I awoke abruptly to the unfamiliar sounds of thunder and the bright flashes of intermittent lightning this morning at 5:15 AM. Another day, another storm, but this morning my husband, Kent Roberts, had to be at work at SFMOMA in the City by 6:00 AM, so he was out the door as the storm seemed at its worse. At 5:45 AM he contacted me to say he’d hit a cinder-block sized rock on Devil’s Slide and had a flat tire by the time he got to the newly-constructed bridge on the Pacifica side, and was waiting for tow truck. SIGH….another stormy day on the Coast. Drive safely!
-Cid Young (Moss Beach)

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Tue, January 19, 2010 5:01am
Cid Young
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Update: 7:00 AM - He is still waiting for a tow-truck! Honk as you pass the white Toyota pick-up!

Eww, that sucks! But thanks for the reminder to drive reasonably slow and keep a look out for rocks in the road.

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Tue, January 19, 2010 8:40pm
Cid Young
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Yes, and he admitted that he wasn’t using his high beams so that early it was still dark in the morning, & it wasn’t easy to see the boulder at the crest just before the turn to go downhill towards the Pacifica side.

At 6:30 AM, this morning the vast majority of drivers were slow and very considerate on my commute from HMB to Palo Alto over 92 & 280.  Maybe we are all learning a little something.

At 8:50AM the traffic was moving so slow it was almost stopped between Linda Mar and the rest of Pacifica, but I couldn’t figure out what caused the extreme slowdown. Didn’t see anything at all… and Devil’s Slide was fine too.

“Didn’t see anything at all… and Devil’s Slide was fine too.”

Actually, Devil’s Slide had two incidents coming down on the Pacifica side circa 7:30-8:00. Both I can assume due to the sudden stop that ppl attempted coming around semi-blind curves into stopped traffic. The earlier one occurred at the San Pedro Terrace curve, the next one happened shortly thereafter on the curve before it as Slide traffic backed up due to the first.

The stopped traffic was no different at 7:30 or 8:15, much less how you describe at 8:50. Just a busy day, with cautious drivers stuck in rainy and VERY windy conditions.