Trails and Traffic workshop begins with Coastsiders setting their own priorities

Posted by on Fri, June 26, 2009

Attendees vote on the priorities they had outlined in the brainstorm session.

Last night at El Granada, the multi-day charratte style workshop, Traffic and Trails on the Midcoast: What Would You Do, opened at El Granada Elementary School.  The evening began with an engaging presentation by charrette leader Dan Burden of Walkable Communities.  Dan used well framed descriptions and photographs from other projects to illustrate the possibilities locally and reviewed the design elements that will be used to develop a final plan.  Participants expressed strong support for the approach taken by the charrette to listen to and involve the community.

In a series of exercises audience had opportunity to effectively express viewpoints, vision and values.  All participants had the opportunity to vote (see photo) on most valued elements that will shape the final design.

The charrette continues on Saturday with a walking tour that will leave from El Granada school shortly after 9am.  The session continues into the afternoon and a BBQ lunch (courtesy of the Half Moon Bay Lions chapter) will be provided.

Starting on Saturday, more information on outcomes from the charrette sessions will be available at the web site: .

I’ll write more about this later, but for now, I just want to say that last night’s session far exceeded my expectations.

Dan’s presentation of walkable, bike-able, and traffic-calming street designs was excellent and really set the stage for the brainstorming session.

I would love to see some of this thinking translated into reality on the Coastside.

The video of the first session is available Friday night on MCTV.  Check the schedule:

Sorry to have missed this, family vacation took us elsewhere.
Just wish to add to the discussion that interconnected shared use trails from higher elevations would be fantastic.
Starting in a South-North direction,
Frenchmans Creek rd corridor to Scarper Peak,
Scarper Peak to Corral de Tierra, North Peak-McNee Ranch St Park,
McNee Ranch St Park to San Pedro Valley Co Park or Discovery Site-Fassler Gate-Milagra Ridge properties.
These higher elevation corridors exist today, they just cross jurisdictions(FAA,SFPUC) that currently forbid public access to their publicly owned properties.
I wholly support the Charrette’s prioritizing the Coastal Trail paralleling Hwy 1 as #1 on the wishlist.
Adding these higher elevation-very remote trails corridors would serve the more active outdoors dedicates. Providing broad recreational possibilities for Mt Bike riders, trails runners+ walkers, more adventurous Birders+ Equestrians or other non motorized recreationalists.