Tunnel is open!  (and pictures and video of the ceremony)


By on Tue, March 26, 2013

I'll be driving through later this morning, and riding my bike sometime in the next few days, but the signs say it's open as of 6:20 this morning; they still were moving barricades around last night at midnight, from what I saw out my living room window.

Here's a picture of the light at the end of the tunnel, behind the HMB and Terra Nova bands

Light at the end of the tunnel.  Opening ceremonies at Devil's Slide

More pictures and videos on my site: http://unixfolk.com/dave/2013-3-25-TunnelOpening/index.shtml

“The vultures and hawks circled the ceremonies, but decided no food was available.”

It says something about the makeup of the invited crowd when it was distasteful to even carrion eaters.