Understanding Big Wave: Lots of parking

Posted by on Mon, February 9, 2009

Big Wave Facilities Plan
Big Wave Office Park, northern lot. 640 parking spaces covering 6 acres (1,125 required by office zoning). Click for larger image.
Big Wave Facilities Plan
Big Wave wellness center, southern lot. 73 parking spaces for 70 units. Click for larger image.

Even after watching Neil Merrilees’s excellent video, I was startled by how much space will be devoted to parking at Big Wave.  If you click on the diagrams to see the larger views, you will also see something called a "wetlands trail" following the wetlands that separate the two lots. If you’ve ever walked on a trail alongside an office park—and most people never bother—you know how eerily suburban and corporate an experience it can be. If you’ve ever walked the POST trail on the bluff above Big Wave, you know how dramatic the vistas are in all directions.

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Tue, February 10, 2009 10:25am
Todd McGee
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Holy Cow! 6 acres of parking? Are you sure this shouldn’t be called Gargantuan Wave?

Big Wave is really small potatoes- this area is zoned for maximum height of 75 feet.  This is six stories! What were they thinking?

Most zoning regulations, the County’s included,  have a provision that the size and scope of any new structure must be compatible with the surrounding neighborhood. Big Wave fails miserably on this front.

The project’s backers don’t care about the surrounding neighborhood, however. They only care about the potential to make money off a giant ill-conceived office park, sort of like the original motivation behind the Harbor Village Mall monstrosity. And we know how that turned out.

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Mon, February 16, 2009 11:26am
Jose Tamez
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Since the early sixties the mobile home park formerly known as El Granada, now named Pillar Ridge, has been one of the few providers of low cost housing. We that reside here have been blessed with the peace and quiet, as well as the sun and open lands, our community enjoys. The absence of car alarms, rooftop generators and traffic congestion has allowed us to live in peace and harmony.That will all change once this Big Wave plan becomes a reality. We know that there is a great need for Wellness Centers for special needs folks and we support that need,however, is a sun- blocking, enviroment threatening, noisy office complex with a 650 car parking lot also necessary? Just wondering.
            Jose & Maribel Tamez