Update: Hwy 1 reduced to single-direction traffic in El Granada

Leonard Woren
Crews were still working to remove the truck at 6:45pm, about two hours after the accident.

Posted by on Mon, January 10, 2011

Highway 1 in El Granada was closed at about 4:30pm Monday, and then reduced to one direction at a time at about 5:30pm, due to an accident involving a big rig and a sports car near Sam’s Chowder House. The highway was fully re-opened at about 8pm.

I was out of the area until after dark.  Is that the (red) truck cab visible below and above the middle of the trailer?  If so, I wonder what the sports car looked like.

I thought that I saw SR 1 open before 6 pm, but when I went back with my camera they had closed it again around 6 pm.  Apparently they opened the road for a while to let most of the commute traffic get through and then went to work to actually remove the truck when the commute traffic went down.

This photo was taken from Ave Alhambra using a telephoto lens.