Video: Big Wave developer blows off the public at MCC meeting

By on Mon, February 23, 2009

Darin Boville for Montara Fog
Big Wave attorney interrupts citizen during public comment, who is expressing concern about the remoteness of the location, to tell her that she wants to keep the developmentally disabled away from herself, and shouts out "You're not appropriate!"
Darin Boville for Montara Fog
Big Wave developer says that his profit on this project he's presenting as a public service is "not relevant" and has "nothing to do with anything". He tells another asking about the commercial viability of the project "That's none of your business".

Things got ugly at the last Midcoast Community Council meeting, where Big Wave’s developer discussed the project’s draft Facilities Plan, but refused to answer other questions from the community on other topics.

You can watch the complete video on Montara Fog.