Video: Coasting Devil’s Slide

Julia Parr

Posted by on Tue, March 25, 2014

Coastsider joined the San Mateo County Parks Department’s media day for the new Devil’s Slide trail. 

We recorded the descent from the top of the northern end of the slide to the south, coasting (almost) the whole way. We’ve added some notes to the video to give you some idea what the trip was like and what you’ll see on the trail. The video was recorded by Julia Parr, Age 12.

Are you on a motorcycle?

No way. It’s a bicycle.

Great video.  I didn’t realize that it was almost all downhill southbound.  Can’t wait to do it myself!

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Tue, March 25, 2014 11:44pm
Cid Young
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1.) So, was the sound in the video Julia applying her bicycle brakes on the downhill portion? Are motorcycles even allowed?
2.) Who were the pedestrians that seemed to be standing around in the bike lane as she came down the hill? (SHEEZE!)
3.) Do most bicycles have speedometers now… and if not, how will the riders know if they are actually exceeding the 15 MPH posted speed limit?
4.) Will there be rangers or Sheriffs Deputies giving out speeding tickets?
5.) Why was there a vehicle driving up hill in the opposite direction in the bike lane?
6.) Does it seem to be re-surfaced, or did they simply patch up the rough spots?
7.) What did you think of the K-rails?

Looks good.  Thank you for the preview.

I noticed that the traffic signal at the south end of the tunnel has been red a few times, and the traffic in the tunnel in not use to stopping.  Be on the look out for stopped traffic in the tunnel is all I’ll say.

Have fun.

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Tue, March 25, 2014 11:54pm
Cid Young
All my comments

  I went to the public planning meetings and suggested they should coordinate with CALTRANS to add some signage or messages INSIDE the tunnel as a precautionary warning. So far I have seen nothing.

As most separate organizations go, the right hand never talks to the left, or in this case, they did & maybe the warning signs will all be digital, like the speed limit signs.

Nice job, Julia! Putting her creative talents to use and giving us a second-hand experience of what to expect. Thank you.

Great video! Reminds me how much I miss driving that road. The tunnel’s nice, but certainly lacks the view!

Is there a shuttle that can take cyclists back to the north end if they’re not up to riding uphill that far?

Welcome back, Coastsider!!!

It’s ruined by fugly K-rail.

When you’re out there, you’re not looking at the K-rail. Or at least I’m not. Your mileage may vary.


Yes, Julia was using her brakes.  The pedestrians were reporters who were there for the event.  We were the only bikes on the trail and they kept a safe distance. The vehicle is with the construction crew.  They were still working on the trail.

I think the speed limit is their way of saying, “Don’t be unsafe.” 

The trail was resurfaced.