Video: Shirley Fong-Torres at Pacifica Farmers Market


Posted by on Wed, July 14, 2010

Last week food writer and culinary humorist Shirley Fong-Torres (sister to Ben) taped a quick audition bit for Own -- the new Oprah network -- at the Pacifica Farmers' Market. It was a pretty entertaining experience -- we had virtually no notice to prepare (neither did she, apparently). Anyway, here we are -- Farmer John, Farmer Joon, and yours truly, helping a Cantonese woman pick out stuff for an Italian dinner from the Coastside Farmers Market in Pacifica to prepare for Oprah.

‘helping a Cantonese woman ‘

Whu? Asking as a somewhat versed 3rd generation San Franciscan… can’t find the “Catonese woman” in this vid.  Given Shirley went to Cal, lives in SF, runs a San Francisco tour company, and knows these parts better than 90% of the locals. Wasn’t she born in like… Alemeda vs Guangzhou??? jus’ askin’... bad spin.

Dear Coastsider:  Thank you for posting this video - much appreciated especially due to the small window of opportunity for promoting for votes. Loved starting it at the Pacifica Farmers Market and thank them for their support.

I did not hear about the audition until the last week, and submitted the tape 10 min. before deadline. Then the OPRAH folks had to approve it before going “live” for public votes. Managed to get 1744 votes in 2 days. Whatever happens, it was another fun gig.  I am taping for Bizarre Foods next…

KB:  I am Chinese-American, born to Cantonese parents, and I was NOT in Alameda.  The Italian spin for the audition was for the fun of it, period.