Volunteer for San Mateo County’s homeless census, Jan 29

By on Fri, January 16, 2009

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On January 29, The San Mateo County Human Services Agency’s Center on Homelessness will conduct an observation-based point-in-time street census of homeless persons in all San Mateo County census tracts. The census is an essential element used by HUD, the County, and local communities in determining service needs for the next two years.

The key to a successful census is the use of community volunteers paired with trained homeless workers to conduct with the street count.  Experience indicates this method results in a more thorough and accurate search than could be possible by individuals who are less familiar with the homeless community.  Prior to the enumeration, the Center on Homelessness will conduct outreach efforts to County homeless service providers for the purpose of recruiting homeless workers and community volunteers.

During the month of January, Center on Homelessness staff will conduct multiple training sessions for both homeless workers and community volunteers. These 1 ½ hour training sessions will cover methods for the street count, shelter count, and homeless survey. Click to download the training schedule.

On the day of the census, trained homeless workers will be teamed with trained volunteers at twelve deployment centers throughout the county and assigned census tracts to enumerate. The Center on Homelessness will provide clipboards, pencils, enumeration forms, and all other materials necessary to perform the street count. The enumeration will be performed in the early morning hours on January 29, 2009,  preferably between 5:00 A.M. and 9:00 A.M. Conducting the enumeration during these times will decrease the likelihood of duplication, and will allow our enumerators to more easily identify the homeless living outdoors.

Who: 200 community volunteers (matched with staff and homeless navigators) will conduct a census of homeless individuals and families

What:  A biennial census of homeless persons throughout San Mateo County, coordinated by the Human Services Agency’s Center on Homelessness.  1½ hour training sessions will be held throughout the month of January.

When:  January 29, 2009, 5am – 9 am

Where:  Volunteers will work out of 12 coordination sites throughout the county

Why:  Census results will be used by HUD, the county, and local communities to prevent and end homelessness

Get involved! Contact Tish Birkby, Volunteer Coordinator, at (650) 802-7656 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)