Were freedom a YoYo


By on Mon, July 2, 2012

There are many reasons to give up freedom but I think a free meal is one of the best .
Having a free meal includes not having to work for one’s living.  There are many
other reasons for giving it up as well.  Ignorance for the children is a good one.
We can vote for Proposition S and create better faculty lounges and rubber rooms
without improving the quality of education.  And what about the right to give up
religion.  We can become Muslim as seen in the Air Ports.  Hell, we can even give
up God and ban his name in school. 
We can be Keynesians without reading Keynes and be satisfied that the the loss of
farms is offset by increased Union benefits and choose Government stimulus
over Supply Side economics;  even though it has failed three times, as seen
with F.D.R, Carter and Obama.
We have the freedom of choice.  We can let politicians choose our Health
Care and who will get it.  We can give up Democracy.  It’s not Dictatorship, it’s
Executive Privilege.  We have the right to fool ourselves and become the
Government’s Pets.  We have the right to give to give up choice, totally.
I thought Regan was a fool when he said that Freedom is only two elections away.
Now that it’s only one election away, I’ve changed my mind.
The best part about freedom is that we have the freedom to give up freedom.
The downside is that we can’t change our mind and get it back.
Why can’t freedom be a YoYo?