What is the Midcoast Community Council?


By on Mon, September 7, 2009

This Wednesday, September 9th the Midcoast Community Council (MCC) will discuss the council’s effectiveness.

What is the Midcoast Community Council? 

A.  An elected Municipal Advisory Council with tarnished reputation.
B.  Group of agenda driven NIMBY’s with conflicting points of view grandstanding to an empty room.
C.  Poorly produced local reality TV show with bad ratings.
D.  Small pack of coyotes barking at the moon.
E.  All of the above.

It’s time to get council members out of their little corners and address credibility, redefine the MCC mission and set goals. 

What do you think it would take to reengineer the MCC into a worthwhile organization? 

Should disbanding the MCC and forming a new local advocacy organization be considered as an option?