Will there be a local book signing for June’s newest book?


By on Tue, March 30, 2010


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Will there be a local book signing for June Morrall’s newest book due out in April?


I hope so!


Yes, plans are being made for a launch party for June Morrall’s new book.

Barry- I hope that you’ll keep me in the loop! And…I hope it will be “up here” and not in HMBay. (I am weary of the traffic…)

No book signing, but Kevin Magee of Bay Book HMB would like to have a tribute/party for June, though I don’t know the details.

Here is Kevin’s contact info:


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Too bad we can’t support the new bookstore at te harbor. It’s much closer to Moss Beach than Half Moon Bay is… and the book is about Moss Beach.

I see the point of a local celebration in Moss Beach; maybe someone will organize one. But Bay Book Co. in Strawflower shopping center in HMB has a long history of promoting and selling new works by Coastside writers, for which many local writers and readers have been grateful and/or hopeful. Wouldn’t hurt sales of June Morrall’s book to celebrate in both communities!

Bay Book is where June always had her book signings. She had planned a book signing there for the Moss Beach book as well, and wanted Michael & I to join her. Kevin had expected it.  In addition (as Kevin pointed out), his wife Lynne’s family is mentioned in the book, as she grew up in MB, with deep family roots there. 

I like the idea of something in MB, though there are no bookstores in MB proper.  Anyone who put the event together would have to have the energy & resources to coordinate it. 

Dave Cresson is interested in the historical aspect, and a tribute to June might be appropriate at his historical museum. 

I personally have invested so much time & energy into the book already - it would not have been published if I had not done the final proofs/editing and Epilogue, in addition to all of the work we did prior, including photography & interviews -  that I don’t have any more energy to invest in it. I lived it for 2 years. I have an advanced copy of the book for my efforts, and it looks good.

That being said, if Kevin or anyone else wants to honor June and promote the book, I am all for it.