Your official invitation to the Coastside Democrats endorsement meeting


By on Mon, March 24, 2014

Members of the Coastside Democrats are invited to attend a special meeting to vote to endorse candidates and measures on Friday, March 28, at 7pm. the meeting will be at the train depot, 110 Higgins Canyon Road, Half Moon Bay, Just down the road from the Coastside Fire Protection District fire station. 

Urgent Request:  We have spokespersons who are proponents for all the measures lined up.  If you or someone you suggest would like to be the spokesperson in opposition to a measure please contact Bill Huber at 650-922-3544.  If there is more that one spokesperson coming forward, the endorsement committee will vote on which person to invite.

Why it is important for you to attend.

All races are important but some have special relevance to the Coastside Democrats

1.  We are represented on the county level by the supervisor from District 3.  This election is important in making sure that the Coastside has a voice at the board of Supervisors. Voting for this position has changed from being voted by everyone in San Mateo County to just those in the district 3. 

2. There will be a measure on the ballot authorizing the Mid-peninsula Regional Open Space District to issue up to $300 million in bonds, at a tax rate not to exceed $3.18 per $100,000 of assessed value of property owned

3. The will be a measure to authorize the Cabrillo Unified School District to renew its expiring $150 education parcel tax for five years

4. There will be a yes-no vote on:  Shall an ordinance be adopted establishing the Main Street Bridge Preservation Act, amending the Local Coastal Program Land Use Plan and Zoning Regulations of the City to prohibit demolition or enlargement of the Main Street Bridge unless approved by the City Council and a majority of voters in a subsequent ballot measure?

5. There will be a yes-no vote on: Shall an ordinance be adopted establishing the Main Street Bridge Safety and Accessibility Act as the official policy of the people of the City of Half Moon Bay?

6.  There will be a yes-no vote on: Reorganization of the Granada Sanitary District into a Community Services District, adding the service of park and recreation in addition to current services of sanitary sewer collection and treatment and solid waste?

How the meeting will be conducted

Candidate Format: We can only vote to endorse one Democrat per office so if there are 2 Democrats running we can only endorse one of them.  Each Candidate for a specific office will give a 3 minute presentation (strictly timed).  After all the candidates for that office are finished they will each respond to three questions submitted in writing by the members.  For each question each candidate will have one minute to respond.

Measures Format:  Each spokesperson for a specific measure will give a 5 minute presentation.  After all spokespersons are finished they will each respond to three questions submitted in writing by the members.  For each question the spokesperson will have one minute to respond. 

Voting: All Coastside Democrats members who are current on their dues and are registered Democrats will vote. 60% yes votes for each office or measure is required for endorsement. In tabulating the vote we will only count yes or no votes for each office.  This prevents members who don’t vote every office or position from having an adverse effect on the ability to meet the 60% threshold. 

As per the requirements from the Parks and Recreation Department we must be out of the building by 10:30 pm. This requires that we strictly adhere to the agenda and timeline to be fair to all candidates and spokespersons for the measures.

Bill Huber, President
Coastside Democrats