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[Big Wave][1] [official site]  is a project to build a wellness center for mentally disabled adults, funded by an adjacent office park, near Princeton. It would be located on a Airport St., just south of the Pillar Ridge Manufactured Home Community.


Where is it?

Big Wave is located west of the Half Moon Bay Airport, between Princeton and the Pillar Ridge Manufactured Home Community:

Click for Google map of Big Wave site

Size: How big is Big Wave? The best answer to that question can be found in [a remarkable video by Neil Merrilees and Darin Boville][3].

Public presentation: [Big Wave’s developer spoke at the Midcoast Community Council in Feburary, 2009.][4]  Big Wave attorney’s can be seen interrupting one citizen during public comment to tell her that she wanted to keep the developmentally disabled away from herself, and shouts out “You’re not appropriate!”.  Later, the Big Wave developer says that his profit on the project he’s presenting as a public service is “not relevant” and has “nothing to do with anything”. He tells another asking about the commercial viability of the project “That’s none of your business!”

Parking: Big Wave will have some [huge parking lots][5].

Agriculture or landfill: Is the agriculture at Big Wave an historical practice, or a recent innovation designed to make it easier to fill in wetlands?  Darin Boville’s Montara Fog has an outstanding collection of historical aerial photos that [seems to show Big Wave hasn’t been used for farming until recently][6]. Coastsider has a set of photos that [shows the extent of the massive filling-in that took place in June 2006][7].


Coastsider [Album of Big Wave-related photos][8].  Do you have photos or diagrams you want to add? Email them to [email protected]

[Stop Big Wave]( website

[Big Wave Draft EIR](

You can now browse and download the [Big Wave Facilities Plan][9] as individual pdf’s from Coastsider,  browse the images and download the individual pdf’s of the figures from the plan.

Pillar Ridge Manufactured Home Community has a [good informational site about Big Wave][10].