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Judge grants a restraining order in petition count

July 14, 2004
Says the judge, ``The right to vote is the most cherished right we have in this country. We have people dying in foreign countries for this right.'' That's true. They're there because a lot of people in Florida were denied their right to vote in 2000.

The county says MROSD opponents didn’t get enough signatures. Next stop: court

July 12, 2004
You're right about the count. I corrected it. I'm looking forward to see how this turns out.

Who has the best cell phone coverage on the coast?

June 25, 2004
I've also noticed that in the last few weeks, message notification has broken down for me. I don't get notified of new voice mail messages until 24 hours after they're left in many cases. I'm not sure if this is an AT&T or Cingular problem, but it's a big issue.

Who has the best cell phone coverage on the coast?

June 22, 2004
AT&T is in a state of flux right now. They're in the process of being bought by Cingular. All AT&T customers are moving to Cingular's network. T-Mobile is buying AT&T's tower network, so historical experiences with AT&T's network more properly reflect what T-Mobile will offer. AT&T has two networks, TDMA ("analog") and GSM ("digital"). Generally, AT&T's analog network performs better than their digital network, but I think the analog network is going away and the digital network is being improved.…

A pedestrian is killed near HMB Airport

June 26, 2004
I've decided that this kind of news is indeed important, but I don't expect to do much more than supply headlines and pointers to coverage elsewhere. The real need for expanded coverage isn't on tragedies like this. I think the Review has told us all we need to know, and probably all that can be known about this. But there are plenty of other issues where more coverage and discussion will benefit the community.

MROSD opponents have produced 5,344 petitions. What comes next?

June 12, 2004
The Mercury News reported this story on Friday night. Still no word from the San Mateo County Times. The Merc notes that LAFCO has 30 days to tabulate the signatures.

MROSD opponents have produced 5,344 petitions. What comes next?

June 12, 2004
As I said, I opposed the petition because I didn't think there should be an election, not because of the tiny, but troubling, risk of the decision being overturned without a vote. What I was trying to say above is that a lot of people are scared of MROSD and they're trying to share that fear with everyone else. I think Tom's column helped dispel some of that fear with facts from a person who lives with the District. I'd also concede that MROSD's supporters are scared. What they're afraid of (incremental…

The Lutheran book sale is Saturday, May 29

May 29, 2004
Heh. I wasn't sure at first what Jonathan meant by that comment. Yes, I lived in southern California for about four years, but how did he know? I sent him an email, and and he said that it was my use of "the 92" that gave me away.

Adding Opinions to Coastsider?

August 30, 2004
That would be me. I'd use the Potter Stewart standard: "I know it when I see it." Seriously, my goal would be to get posters to either write their postings as either reporting or opinion. Opinions should be fact-based, but are intended to be persuasive, not analytical. "Fahrenheit 9/11" is opinion. "Fog of War" is harder to define. It's an interview, but it clearly has a point of view.

What is RSS and how does Coastsider use it?

May 28, 2004
If you're interested in more information on why RSS feeds matter and why you should start using them to read news on the Web, see this page: This article is really comprehensive and addresses why more publishers should be offering RSS to their readers.

What is RSS and how does Coastsider use it?

March 05, 2004
There is a another good article about RSS on Slate:

I just changed the way that coastsider's URL's are configured. I went from a php-style url with questionmark and variable name to a tradition web URL, based on directories and files. The advantage is that this will improve the likelihood that search engines will index the site. Coastsider still uses php urls in some areas of the site, such as search, where indexing is not an issue. You shouldn't notice any difference in the way that the site works, but the main difference is that the URL's for our…

I think I've addressed just about everything on this list. I just finished modifying the search and membership templates so that all the messages now look like the rest of Coastsider. The calendar has been tweaked to be easier to understand and use. Classifieds have also been fine-tuned to address some issues raised here. For example, the root link on the breadcrumb header is now "Classifieds" and not "Home". I also added the Local Headlines section. This week, I plan to work on the advertising process…

Thanks for the comments. I've already acted on a couple and added a bunch more to my to do list. I've replied privately to the posters on most of these. One public note: I've greatly increased the size of the comment entry box at the bottom of the page.

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